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A New Beginnning

About Us

The mission of the Khepera House is to provide a clean, sober and healthy living environment for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, which has been recognized as a disease that affects all areas of our residents lives. 

Khepera House accommodates clients that have been inducted onto MAT(Medicated-Assisted Treatment) with an approved provider.

Residents at Khepera House deal with the issues of alcohol and drug addiction, as well as changes in their perception, attitude and lifestyle.

The goal at Khepera House is to rekindle the sense of self-esteem and self-worth necessary for successful participation in the mainstream of community life. Khepera House continues to seek new approaches to maintain its position in the forefront as a service provider to the constant changing needs of those suffering from addiction. 

History of Khepera House

Khepera House was founded in 1982 to meet the needs for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction for men. The name Khepera was derived from the Egyptian God 'Khepera' symbolizing the manifestation of the rising sun, self-generation and self-renewal. Since 1982 Khepera House has served thousands of men battling the disease of alcohol and drug addiction. 

Vision of the Future

Not to separate the individual from the community. By using "Best Practices" allows spiritual, psychological and scientific methods in our quest to help residents and the community to aspire to excellences in their quest for recovery from addiction.

Contact Us

Corporate Office

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Detox Services

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Email address  – terryswanson@kheperahouse.org

Screening Form / Application for Admission –  terryswanson@kheperahouse.org

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